Blue Dolphin (back) - $849.95 US

Angel Blue (left) - $119.95 US

Gold & Green (Mid) - $119.95 US

Angel Yellow (right) - $119.95 US

1603  bfab01   bfgg01   bfay01

Ivy & Turnip

$ 265 US each

Ivy01     Turnip01

French Angel (back) $649.95 US

Angel Red/Yel  (mid left) $119.95 US

Baby Fish (mid mid)  $119.95  US

Baby Gato (mid right)  $159.95 US

Frog (front left)  $119.95  US

Fish Black/Yel (front right)  $119.95 US

Crocus Time

Charles Dwyer, Jr.

Original Pastel

$8,000  US


Charles Dwyer, Jr.


$1,400  US


Charles Dwyer, Jr.

Original Pastel

$6,5000  US

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